Services We Offer

We offer a diverse range of solutions, including Numerology and Astrology services, as well as consultations in Vastu and Astro Vastu. Crafted to address various concerns in career, finance, marriage, identity, and health, our services are geared towards holistic well-being.

About Monica Narang

With nearly two decades of experience as an educator in various parts of India, I have embarked on a fulfilling journey to merge my passion for teaching with my innate calling to become an astrologer.

My primary goal is to demystify the science of astrology, making it accessible to all through my courses, while also providing expert guidance and effective remedies through personalized consultations. I firmly believe that self-awareness is the pinnacle of knowledge, empowering individuals to shape their own destinies.

The essence of who I am is closely connected to what I aspire to do. My identity as an educator has shaped my core belief that a good teacher is an eternal learner, constantly seeking knowledge and personal growth. Drawing upon my affinity for the occult, where intuition plays a vital role, I corroborate my astrological findings through intuitive means.

Among my areas of expertise lies the profound science of astrology. My primary goal is to break down barriers to learning, ensuring that astrology is accessible to everyone. My approach encompasses comprehensive guidance, incorporating both astrological and numerological insights Moreover, I emphasize the importance of practical and effective remedies to address any challenges or imbalances that may arise.

In my practice of astrology, utmost accuracy is paramount, and I refrain from sugar-coating information. I firmly believe in presenting the truth, even when accepting it may be challenging.



We at KRIYA provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.